Kent House is located in Central Mass with Homes in Shrewsbury, Milford and Northborough. Kent House is a MASH Certified Recovery Model Living Home seeking to assist individuals who suffer from Substance Use Disorder. Kent Houses' primary purpose is to assist in providing safe, healthy, sober living arrangements for men journeying through their personal Recovery. 

We are a Recovery Model Home with expectations of individuals developing a strong action plan towards long-term sobriety and recovery. An active program of Recovery is strongly suggested through a 12 Step Community (AA, NA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, etc.)

Kent House referrals will consist of a completed application with attached medication list, followed by phone interview. If a Biopsychosocial is available you may additionally submit, not completely necessary. Kent House applications can be completed by following the link below or requested via email or phone at:


Follow the link below to complete and submit a Kent House application.